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Is you organization ready to capitalize on digital technology? Are your leaders ready to apply digital? What are the challenges you face? Take our online assessment for a small investment of $200.

Manual report by international experts

Our cross-functional team of experts will prepare a report on your digital readiness. It only takes 90 minutes to fill out our questionnaire and within a few days our experts will provide you with a detailed report and one month of free consultancy.

Score Card

A single page infographic with scores of 1 to 5 on each of the 12 areas of Digital Readiness covered.

Executive Summary

A one pager containing a summary of our findings ready to be sent to top executives or board members.

Detailed Report

A five to ten page detailed report on our findings, with tips on improvment opportunities.

Online Consultation

One month access to our online workspace where you can discuss the report with our experts.

Get your online assessment in just 5 easy steps

Your report will be prepared within 10 days from answering our questions. In the next month, our experts will discuss the report with you in our online workspace. No credit card required for sign-up.

Sign up
Sign-up takes 5 minutes, with a business e-mail and basic company information. We send you insructions and a short contract with terms and conditions. No credit card required.
Join online workspace
Once you sign up, we invite you to our online workspace where you can work with our experts and pick up your questionnaire and later your report.
Fill questionnaire
Answering the questions takes about 90 minutes, but you are not required to do it in one go. We may also ask clarifying questions concerning your answers.
Read your report
After a few days, your score card, executive summary and report will be available for download. Payment is due at this point only if you are satisfied.
Discuss with experts
After you have read your report we provide online consultancy for one month. You can discuss our findings and get advice on how to improve.

100% satisfaction guarantee

We believe in transparency and candor. If you are not satisfied with our report, we will not issue an invoice and no payment is required. The only thing you need to do is to give an explanation so we can learn.

Track record of our experts

We have a passion for learning and sharing what we know. As a result of our work, many people have found meaning in the digital-agile world.

25 000 employees aligned

Our OKR based strategic alignment framework provides agility and e

€4 billion revenue

Over four billion euros revenue has been creatied by companies using our framework, delivered by professionals we trained.

2000 professionals ready

Our readiness courses have prepared many for business agility and specific agile roles across dozens of industries.

€100 million valuation

Our founders have a track record of building businesses of high valuation in the fintech sector, as startuppers and intrapreneurs.

Companies we’ve worked for

Our founders have worked for decades building their own and advising other companies.


Our expert community

Our experts have worked for decades building their own and advising other companies.

Our assessment is based on the Digital Readiness Framework

Digital Readiness Framework is a practical business architecture framework for enhanced strategic alignment, agility and motivation in the digital era. Your assessemnt will be based on the 12 areas of business architetcure covered, focusing on their interconnection and interdependence, how they fit together as an integrative and holistic system.

As the author of Digital Readiness Framework I will be directly involved in your assessment, answering your questions online.
Thomas Biro

Order now with a $200 commitment

This is not an automated assessment, our experts will invite you to an online workspace and ask questions. It only takes 90 minutes to fill out our questionnaire and within a few days our experts will provide you with a detailed report. After you read your report, you have one month access to our experts to discuss their findings.

We’ll contact you with the terms and conditions in an e-mail and send you instruction on how to proceed. Payment is due after you’ve received your report and we give 100% satisfaction guarantee.